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RAE Full Body

Jessica Vedel, 2017

There was a time when a mirror was a mirror. A one-dimensional surface you could reflect yourself
in – in the bathroom, in the hallway or behind a closet door in the bedroom. Purely practical. Today, the mirror is being unveiled to be something else and something more.

Prices: 4.995 DKK / 625 EUR / 640 GBP / 745 USD

There are mirrors and then there are RAE

In 2017 Jessica Vedel drew a standing mirror that reflected in several directions as an object installation. Subsequently, the wall-hung version was made for a client in London.

With her mirror collection RAE, designer Jessica Vedel sets the stage for the mirror as an interior object; where the sculptural play, challenges our encounter with our own mirror image and the way we think about interior design.





Jessica Vedel


Painted MDF and solid wood & glass mirror


H: 140cm / 55.1in
W: 55cm / 21.7in


Jessica Vedel

Jessica Vedel is a Danish Interior Designer and Product Designer. Her robust and personal aesthetic, along with her keen attention to detail, swiftly propelled her into high-end interior projects in cities like London and New York. Following a few years of residence in London, she established her own interior design business. Subsequently, she relocated to New York, where she adeptly converted a diverse array of interior design projects into elegant spaces catering to both private and commercial clients. Alongside her thriving interior design career, Jessica Vedel designs modern furniture and accessories, all of which are deeply rooted in quality materials and a sculptural design language.

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