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Crafting design with precision

At Mazo we approach each project with a careful eye, always exploring new paths for innovation and originality. We enjoy experimenting with materials to bring out their best in every product. We don't cut corners during the design process, recognizing, and embracing the time-intensive nature required to create products of exceptional quality.

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“We don’t cut corners during the design process, recognizing and embracing the time-intensive nature required to create products of exceptional quality.”

Our design philosophy

Our creations epitomize the harmonious fusion of contrasting elements – where straight lines meet soft curves, and lightness intertwines with weight in a dance of 'midcentury' functionalism. Balancing beauty and function is our deep commitment - evident in every Mazo collection piece.

Our dedication transcends fleeting trends; it's about a thorough exploration of every curve, material, and angle, ensuring our products are not just visually appealing but also durable, timeless, and functional.


Meet the minds shaping Mazo: Magnus, Magnus, and Louise that initiated the Mazo journey. Now, the Mazo team comprises a full roster of dedicated individuals spanning sales, PR, marketing, distribution, and finance.


Heritage meets innovation

We are privileged to collaborate with pieces from architects and designers spanning the 1930s to the present day. Drawing inspiration from historical periods, our goal is to craft forward-thinking designs that flawlessly blend past experiences with contemporary needs. We take pride in reviving internationally acclaimed design classics and unveiling hidden gems, many of which were previously limited in production.


Pursuing timeless design

We invite you to immerse yourself in the experience of purposeful design. It's about surrounding yourself with pieces that not only serve a functional purpose but also tell a compelling story.


At Mazo, our commitment remains unwavering in curating spaces where classical simplicity harmonizes with well-crafted brilliance - an environment where design is not just an aesthetic choice but a conscious decision to embrace the enduring beauty of timeless living.

“Navigating designs that span over 100 years requires ensuring that these creations not only resonate with each other but also remain relevant in contemporary homes.”
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