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Discover our new showroom in Copenhagen

Welcome to a realm of design inspiration where the pulse of modernism meets the timeless elegance of historical architecture. Step into our latest venture, a captivating new showroom in the heart of Copenhagen.

Unveiling modernism with a nordic twist

Our inaugural exhibition pays homage to the visionary Lina Bo Bardi, weaving a narrative that transcends borders, connecting Denmark to sun-drenched landscapes. Immerse yourself in a symphony of form, function, and cultural richness meticulously crafted within our showroom's walls.


A fusion of elements

Modernism, including the vibrant Brazilian interpretation, takes center stage in a unique exploration. Watch as colors, warmth, and wood dance harmoniously with the strength of steel, the resilience of concrete, and the luxurious textures sourced from renowned international textile companies like Dedar and Nobilis. This carefully curated symbiosis results in an enchanting whole, complemented by lush greenery and captivating artworks.


Your invitation to explore

Join us in experiencing a modern and vibrant setting as we unveil our complete collection and showcase the latest additions. Visit us at Dronningens Tværgade 50, 1302 Copenhagen K, with doors open from 9 am to 4 pm monday - friday.




The new location, which will serve as Mazo’s new showroom, is none other than the iconic Dronningegård, designed by one of the Danish pioneers in Danish modernism, Kay Fisker. Dronningegården has been a source of inspiration for generations of architects and designers. It is with great pride that Mazo now can call this architectural marvel their new home, and it feels like a natural merging of a shared heritage within modernism.


Guiding this artistic journey is Marlene Bernth, the visionary interior consultant and proud owner of Nuvole in Copenhagen, known for her impeccable styling expertise. 

Photography by Enok Holsegård

Photos from the Showroom opening by Kristian Ridder-Nielsen

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