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RAE Mirror Collection

Jessica Vedel, 2017


With her mirror collection RAE, designer Jessica Vedel sets the stage for the mirror as an interior object; where the sculptural play, challenges our encounter with our own mirror image and the way we think about interior design.

Sculpture, sculpture on the wall

There was a time when a mirror was a mirror. A one-dimensional surface you could reflect yourself in – in the bathroom, in the hallway, or behind a closet door in the bedroom. Purely practical. Today, the mirror is being unveiled to be something else and something more.

"With the collection, Jessica Vedel manages to touch on what is the most important feature of a mirror; namely, that you can mirror yourself, and give it an angle, so you get two facets of your mirrored image. It adds a sculptural expression and a third dimension that makes you suddenly see yourself from two angles, and in this way, she expands the function – also aesthetically – and plays with the sculptural on several levels."

Magnus Sangild

partner at Mazo


Element of décor

RAE’s sculptural character gives the mirror a justification where it can be displayed in the living room and become an element of décor. Mazo thinks it is particularly interesting that the collection speaks precisely to the living room – because we can see it in the context of our existing lounge furniture and as a natural extension of our collection.



Jessica Vedel

Jessica Vedel is a Danish Interior Designer and Designer and co-owner of Frame Studio in Copenhagen. With a background in the fashion industry, Jessica Vedel started her career as an interior designer in 2006. Her strong and personal aesthetic and attention to detail quickly led her on to high-end interior projects in London and New York, among others. After living in London for a few years, she founded her own interior design business and then moved to New York, where she transformed a wide range of interior design projects into elegant spaces for private and commercial clients. Alongside her interior design career, Jessica Vedel designs modern furniture and accessories rooted in quality materials and a sculptural design language.

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