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MZO Chair Collection

Magnus Læssøe Stephensen, 1931


Once the most sold chair in Denmark up until the 60s and might arouse recognition for many. This chair was designed specifically with the ambition to create a chair that working-class Danes could afford.


Affordability for all

Designed with a distinct ambition, this chair bears the fingerprints of a young Magnus Læssøe Stephensen, who embarked on a mission to create an affordable seating solution for the working class in Denmark. In the pursuit of this noble goal, Stephensen drew inspiration from Michael Thonet's revolutionary method of steam-bending wood. However, Stephensen's interpretation went beyond mere cost-effectiveness; he aimed to elevate the technique to cater not only to financial constraints but also to the essential human needs of comfort and modern beauty.

Crafted in steam bent beechwood

Magnus Læssøe Stephensen's chair became a manifestation of meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Channeling Thonet's wood-bending innovation, Stephensen manipulated both the seat and the back in steam bent beechwood, curving, flattening, refining, and rounding until the final creation emerged. The result was a simple yet elegant chair that seamlessly blended support and curves, embodying the essence of comfort and modern beauty. In this fairy tale of Danish furniture design, Stephensen's chair not only tells a story of affordability but also stands as a testament to the marriage of functionality and aesthetics in the pursuit of inclusive design.

We are privileged to collaborate with pieces from architects and designers spanning the 1930s to the present day - for example, our MZO Chair from 1931 designed by Magnus Læssøe Stephensen. Drawing inspiration from historical periods, our goal is to craft forward-thinking designs that flawlessly blend past experiences with contemporary needs.

From private dining rooms to professional spaces

This iconic chair seamlessly transitions between private dining rooms and professional spaces, making it a perfect choice for both residential and contract markets. You'll find this versatile piece not only enhancing the ambiance of homes but also making its mark in diverse settings such as restaurants, cafeterias, and even unexpected places like The Workers Museum in Copenhagen. Its story extends beyond mere aesthetics, unveiling a deeper purpose that echoes across various contexts.


MZO Bar stool

Another remarkable piece in the collection also deserving special attention is the MZO bar stool. It embodies our cherished values - effortless elegance, ergonomic perfection, and a commitment to sustainability. Precision-crafted and detailed, the MZO Chair is more than a seat; it's a statement piece that adds character to any space.

magnus læssøe stephensen_edited.jpg


Magnus Læssøe Stephensen

To his contemporaries Magnus Læssøe Stephensen was known for his particular style. A warm functionalism with tentacles reaching both Bauhaus and Japanese arts and crafts. He had a flair for the Japanese and ancient take on simplicity, and combined that with local Nordic materials – and it is safe to say that his relentless versions and variations of chairs found their way into many homes, where they have survived for generations.

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