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16Plus Pendant

Snorre Læssøe Stephensen, 1979

A design that once again reveals the twofold beauty of the porcelain, shielding the eye and yet letting the light emerge though the crisp bone-china. Partnering with the curved wooden bracket the lamp’s “no fuss” form allows the material to appeal to our senses and attracts us like moths to the warm glow that emerges from the porcelain, with a whiff of the feel of a hot cup of tea.

Prices from: 995 DKK / 115 EUR / 135 GBP / 155 USD

A lamp in a delicate and timeless design.

Porcelain has been Snorre Læssøe Stephensen's passion for over half a century, his techniques and sources of inspiration draw almost a thousand years back to the Japanese ceramic tradition. Nevertheless, his design is unmistakably modern with a strong character while remaining simple and delicate.





Snorre Læssøe Stephensen


Bone China / White transparent unglazed

Technical output:

CE certified, E14 socket,
(light source not included),
3 m white PKL cord


Snorre Læssøe Stephensen

Snorre Læssøe Stephensen’s path into the world of clay and porcelain started with a playful collaboration with his Father, designer and architect Magnus Læssøe Stephensen. Soon, though, it was Snorre Læssøe Stephensen who was creating designs for Royal Copenhagen, and later became the leader of the unique items line of the Royal Danish Academy of Arts, whilst he continued to carry out his innovative ideas in his own brand

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