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KYO Collection

Snorre Læssøe Stephensen, 1962


The KYO collection carries traces of both Scandinavia and Japan. Even though KYO was drawn decades ago, it corresponds perfectly with Mazo’s take on form, function and craft.

Snorre's path into the world of clay

“I remember having a lathe and an oven installed in the basement while I was still living at home. Down there I would create models alongside my father, constantly refining the shapes” - remembers Snorre Læssøe Stephensen.

"I enjoy the refinement that lies in working with traditional principals, using the classical shape, which is a wide term, and within that field trying to add something new."

Snorre Læssøe Stephensen


Japanese ceramic traditions

After an extended stay in Japan, where Snorre Læssøe Stephensen studied Japanese art and Japanese ceramic traditions, it would become Snorre himself who designed for Royal Copenhagen and later became head of the Danish Design School department of ceramics.



Snorre Læssøe Stephensen

Porcelain and clay has been Snorre Læssøe Stephensen’s passion for more than half a century, and his techniques and inspiration reach back thousands of years to the ancient Japanese ceramic tradition. Nevertheless, his design is categorically modern with a strong character, whilst remaining simple and delicate. In Snorre Læssøe Stephensen’s design the paradox of porcelain is accentuated: both fragile and robust.

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