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YUKI Lamp Collection

Signe Hytte, 2021


A joyful design gesture and a characteristic expression. Soft atmospheric light and timeless material. Those are key elements of Signe Hytte’s new lamp design for Mazo.


A welcoming table lamp with an uplifting twist

A lamp’s most prominent function is not just to provide light, but to create new spaces within a room. It can accentuate a mood, spread coziness, and create a homely feel when it lights up from its place inside a bookshelf, a windowsill, a bedside table, or the corners of a living room.

med_res (1).jpg
''We are advocates of not hiding any details and never using a material that is not part of the narrative or expression of the design. With the YUKI lamp, Signe Hytte masters just that, by using the glass both functionally and aesthetically''

Magnus Sangild

partner at mazo


The silhouette of the lampshade forms a soft curve that runs from the top with a small “bend”

With its 27.5cm height, the glass lamp is equally delicate and expressive, charming, and strong. A bit like winter’s snow - solid and fragile, and in constant motion in the wind. In a way, snow was a key inspiration in the design of the lamp.



Signe Hytte

Signe Hytte has a degree in furniture design and has for several years worked as Head of Design for the Danish design brand &Tradition. In addition, she has designed products for both Danish and international brands such as New Works, MENU, WOUD, and others. She designs functional products that people can use every day, and always draws inspiration from persistent cultural and artistic conventions rather than from transient trends.

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