Signe Hytte, 2021

€ 325,- (ex.VAT) / DKK 2.995,- 

The 27.5 centimetres tall glass lamp, which comes in the colours opal-white, blue, and olive, glows not only through the lampshade but also from the base; thus becoming as much an independent interior design object as a source of light.

YUKI's colour versions








Mazo advocates that you don't hide anything away and never use material out of necessity, but always incorporate it so that it becomes part of the narrative and an essential part of the expression.

There are lamps that give light, and then there are lamps that can do more; they set a mood, add glow to the room, talk to its interior neighbours – and at the same time stand distinct and strong – as the YUKI Lamp, Mazo’s newest addition.

The Designer

Signe Hytte


“Yuki is the Japanese word for snow, and for me, the lamp contains at once something fragile and solid, which recalls winter and its delicate atmosphere. Like freshly fallen snow, the lamp is clean, quiet, and strong at the same time, and the monochrome glass highlights the form and material in an almost poetic way”

Signe Hytte, Designer of YUKI Lamp

Signe Hytte has a degree in furniture design and has for several years worked as Head of Design for the Danish design brand &Tradition. In addition, she has designed products for both Danish and international brands such as New Works, MENU, WOUD, and others. She designs functional products that people can use every day, and always draws inspiration from persistent cultural and artistic conventions rather than from transient trends.

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