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The Modernist Lounge

Introducing the Modernist Lounge

Introducing the inviting Modernist Lounge Collection - a perfect blend of modern comfort and style that can transform your space into a cozy retreat. This collection is all about timeless elegance and a touch of modern luxury, making it the ideal choice for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Statement lounge

Conceived by the visionary Danish architect Magnus Læssøe Stephensen in 1935, the TMBO series brings a fresh perspective to contemporary living. Every piece in this collection reflects thoughtful design, seamlessly combining comfort and aesthetics. It's not just furniture; it's a statement that embraces a new era of soft and inviting modernism.


Inviting curves

With a focus on plush textures and gentle curves, The Modernist Lounge creates a welcoming atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation. Influenced by modern design principles, this collection invites you to redefine lounging with soft, inviting curves that bring a sense of calm and modern charm to your space.


A past modernist icon

Rooted in Scandinavian Modernism, ARCH Lounge Collection captures the essence of an era defined by simplicity, functionality, and the deliberate absence of unnecessary details. The collection comes from an exploration of forms, skillfully balancing lightness and weight – straight sculptural lines coexist effortlessly with the gentle curves of the armrest. A pure modernist lounge icon.


Perfect your Modernist Lounge with essential additions: a matching coffee table, curated accessories, artwork, personal items, and a statement lamp. This will contribute to a sense of wholeness and staying true to the clean and modern aesthetic.

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