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TMBO Lounge

Magnus Læssøe Stephensen, 1935

1935 is the date on the first draft of this chair by the renowned multi-talent and architect Magnus Læssøe Stephensen, which has now been revived under the name TMBO. The TMBO series was designed in a shape that, in the laid back confident attitude, celebrates life with the same dramatic simplicity that Magnus Læssøe Stephensen found in Japanese design tradition. The TMBO Chair and sofa alike, with the significant curved form, send a promise to hold your back whilst you lean back and enjoy the ride into the future.

Prices from: 20.995 DKK / 2.850 EUR / 2.470 GBP / 2.245 USD

The collection was born with the iconic ‘ears’ and laid-back confident attitude.

The TMBO Lounge Chair with its ideal companion the little pouf is designed in a laid back and significant curved shape. It is not only extremely comfortable but also a piece of furniture, that will make a statement in any setting.  





Magnus Læssøe Stephensen


Oakwood or Walnut & Upholstery:

DAW: Royal, Mohair, Mcnutt
ROMO: Linara
BUTE: Storr
KVADRAT: Remix, Hallingdal and Fiord
DEDAR: Artemidor, Linaer
JENNIFER SHORTO: Kongaline, Seafoam
SKANDILOC sheepskin: Moonlight,
Sahara, Honey


Magnus Læssøe Stephensen

To his contemporaries Magnus Læssøe Stephensen was known for his particular style. A warm functionalism with tentacles reaching both Bauhaus and Japanese arts and crafts. He had a flair for the Japanese and ancient take on simplicity, and combined that with local Nordic materials – and it is safe to say that his relentless versions and variations of chairs found their way into many homes, where they have survived for generations.

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