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FER Side Table

Magnus Stephensen, Magnus Sangild & Louise Buus, 2021

Gravitational solid oak legs gracefully meet creamy white piano lacquer in a soft, broken circle. With an invitation to let everything from books to your legs, light and heavy, rest on the solid craftsmanship.

Prices: 4.995 DKK / 615 EUR / 625 GBP / 765 USD

A broken surface that
brings us together

The round table is something special. It can be the centre of other furniture, assemble a room – and gather people. When we get together around it, we share the same space; the same physical starting point for taking part in a conversation, ideas and thoughts.





Magnus Stephensen, Magnus Sangild & Louise Buus


Solid oak and piano lacquered MDF


H: 50cm / 19.7in
Ø: 45cm / 17.7in

magnus læssøe stephensen.jpg

Magnus Stephensen, Magnus Sangild & Louise Buus

Magnus Stephensen, Magnus Sangild, and Louise Buus - the design team behind FER have examined the shapes of geometry and the possibilities of materials – in their showroom in Copenhagen and a wood workshop on the coast of Øresund, dealings with raw wood have pushed the creative process further.

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