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ARCH Upholstered Lounge Chair

mazo x Magnus Læssøe Stephensen, 2020

A new midcentury classic lounge chair in an architectural design with great comfort that will stand out in any living room or lobby setting.

Prices from: 16.495 DKK / 2.450 EUR / 1.820 GBP / 1.795 USD

The ARCH collection is a tribute to architect
Magnus Læssøe Stephensen (1903-1984)

ARCH originates from a basic study of forms and embodies a mixture of lightness and weight as contrasts in discreet interaction with each other; straight sculptural lines are flanked by the curves of the armrest, an embodiment of the ‘midcentury’ functionalism.





Mazo x Magnus Læssøe Stephensen


Upholstery & Oakwood Veneer

Standard textiles:

DAW: Royal, Mohair, Mcnutt
ROMO: Linara
BUTE: Storr
KVADRAT: Remix, Hallingdal and Fiord
DEDAR: Artemidor, Linaer
JENNIFER SHORTO: Kongaline, Seafoam
SKANDILOC sheepskin: Moonlight, Sahara, Honey

magnus læssøe stephensen.jpg

Magnus Læssøe Stephensen

To his contemporaries Magnus Læssøe Stephensen was known for his particular style. A warm functionalism with tentacles reaching both Bauhaus and Japanese arts and crafts. He had a flair for the Japanese and ancient take on simplicity, and combined that with local Nordic materials – and it is safe to say that his relentless versions and variations of chairs found their way into many homes, where they have survived for generations.

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