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ARCH Chair

Magnus Læssøe Stephensen, 1932

A joyful design gesture and a characteristic expression, a functional chair, and a timeless, well-crafted material - these are the key elements of Magnus Læssøe Stephensen’s lounge chair from 1932, reintroduced by MAZO.

Prices from: 14.995 DKK / 2.045 EUR / 1.995 GBP / 2.250 USD

Crafted playfulness meets inviting comfort in design from 1932

The seat of the ARCH chair is made with traditional paper cord weave. The interplay between the paper cord and the oak frame creates a harmonious balance between texture and form, further enhancing the chair’s appeal as a design classic. The legs of the chair are crafted from two solid oak beams steam bent into two arches. These arches not only provide stability to the chair but also serve as armrests. Additionally, they contribute as an important design element, beautifully balancing the overall composition of the lounge chair.





Magnus Læssøe Stephensen


Solid oak & Paper cord

Natural oiled, Ruby Red & Auberge

H: 75cm/29,5in
W: 62cm / 24.4in
D: 68cm / 26.8in


Magnus Læssøe Stephensen

To his contemporaries Magnus Læssøe Stephensen was known for his particular style. A warm functionalism with tentacles reaching both Bauhaus and Japanese arts and crafts. He had a flair for the Japanese and ancient take on simplicity, and combined that with local Nordic materials – and it is safe to say that his relentless versions and variations of chairs found their way into many homes, where they have survived for generations.

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