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MOD Shelving System

Magnus Sangild, 2023


We introduce MOD Shelving System, a new modular shelving system that stands out with its minimalist design, simple and robust construction, and honest exploration of the materials aluminum and oak


Create your own MOD shelving unity

With endless modular combinations available and 16 standard configurations, MOD can be tailored to any context. MOD is a versatile shelving and cabinet storage solution crafted to fit any environment - whether it's functioning as an elegant shelving system for the living room, a storage piece in the kitchen, or a stylish display in a shop or office space.


Build your own shelving system and discover the myriad of arrangements that MOD Shelving System provides. View our standard setups here – and contact us for inspiration and assistance in tailoring your unique shelving solution.

Model 3


Model 11


Model 4


Model 12


Model 7


Model 8

Aluminum & oak

The MOD Shelving System blends aluminum and oak for a strong and durable design. Aluminum offers lightweight strength and beautiful patination, while oak adds warmth. Available in all-oak or oak-aluminum combinations.

Simplicity is at the core of MOD Shelving System's aesthetics. Each element has been carefully streamlined to remove anything superfluous and retain only the most essential. Resulting in a stylistically strong and functional design.


General information

The system consists of wall-mounted solid oak wood rails, with shelves available in both aluminum and oak wood. The cabinet is also made of oak wood. It's easy to assemble by yourself; an assembly guide is included with each module. The shelves can be easily placed using stainless steel shelf brackets and adjusted to the desired position. They can support up to 15 kg each.

"I've tested materials to understand their strength, focusing on simplicity. Folded aluminum plates reinforce shelves, making them self-supporting and capable of bearing up to 15 kg. The little detail with bent aluminum edge adds a subtle aesthetic touch to the design"

Magnus Sangild


Care & Maintenance Aluminum

We use untreated aluminum for the shelves due to its inherent natural quality and appearance. Over time, the material will develop a patina and may exhibit natural imperfections on its surface. We consider this an integral part of the design, contributing to the uniqueness of each piece.


For cleaning, simply use plain water or a mild soap/detergent solution. After cleaning, ensure thorough rinsing and dry the aluminum with a soft cloth to prevent streaking. It's important to note that allowing any liquid to remain on the surface of the aluminum could result in stains.



Magnus Sangild

Magnus Sangild discovered his passion for design at a young age. At 16, he began his creative journey by entering an apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker. After gaining experience and earning the title of craftsman, Magnus swiftly advanced his skills. The Royal Danish Academy of Design became his learning ground, and by 2009, he emerged as a fully-fledged designer, specializing in crafting furniture and spatial wonders. The finesse of his designs runs through each chapter showcasing technical skill and artistic sensibility.

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