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Exhibition Opening &
Launch of MOD Shelving System


12–14 June 2024


During this year’s 3DaysOfDesign, we launch the exhibition, I CON TEMP, which runs from June 6 to October 1. We will transform our new showroom into a temporary exhibition space, located at Dronningens Tværgade 50, 1302 Copenhagen.

I CON TEMP presents a unique opportunity to delve into Mazo’s timeless icons that sketch the future. The exhibition focuses on our icons here and now. With a sharp focus on clear form and a minimalist approach, I CON TEMP showcases a fusion of iconic designs and artworks.


NEW LAUNCH: MOD Shelving System

A particularly exciting highlight this year is our new launch MOD Shelving System in oak and aluminum! This design innovation will be at the center of the exhibition, and we look forward to sharing the details behind the design.

Formalistic approach

At the heart of our exhibition lies our new showroom, which prompted us to delve into our surroundings and the architecture of Dronningegården from 1958. Designed by architect and professor Kay Otto Fisker, the structure serves as a bridge between tradition and modernity, becoming an exponent of international functionalism.


The functionalist and almost formalistic approach, in the concept, is understood as purifying, carving, and analyzing the forms, allowing them to speak for themselves without embellishment. An airy aesthetic is crafted, emphasizing the purity of form.


Artworks curated by Anja Soussan

Anja Sossuan, founder of Gallerie Soussan, infuses her vision and expertise into her role as Art Curator for our I CON TEMP exhibition. With a sharp focus on innovation and a profound grasp of contemporary art, Anja's thoughtful curation includes a captivating array of artworks. From Sascha Anthony's mesmerizing resin vases to Silje Lindrup's delicate glass creations, and artworks by Ida Hermansen, her curation is both thoughtful and engaging.

Our exhibition is curated to facilitate easy discovery, inviting visitors to connect with the forms and lines that speak to them both thorugh design and art – or the icons that resonate with their individuality. In our surroundings we make room for pauses to study forms, providing space for viewers to dream.

The artists

During our exhibition, you can explore the beautiful artworks of three distinct and talented artists handpicked by Anja Soussan.

Leading the artistic I CON TEMP voyage is Julie Ellegaard, an independent Designer and Senior Art Director based in Copenhagen, renowned for her keen sense of style and meticulous attention to detail and aesthetics through her studio OSCIOLA.

 Exhibition Programme

3DaysOfDesign: June 12–14

Thursday June 6

Exhibition Opening & Launch of MOD Shelving System
Art Vernissage curated by Anja Soussan

Tuesday June 11

Mazo X ORSA pop up coffee shop 10–18

Wednesday June 12

“Designer Day” 16–18
Meet & Greet with designer Signe Hytte (YUKI Lamp) & Jessica Vedel (RAE Mirror Collection)
Mazo X ORSA pop up coffee shop 10–18

Thursday June 13

“Designer Day” 16–18

Meet & Greet with designer Magnus Sangild (MOD Shelving System) & Snorre Læssøe Stephensen (KYO + 16PLUS Lamp Collection)
Mazo X KVADRAT Really (introduction to KVADRAT Really table tops) 14–15
Mazo X ORSA pop up coffee shop 10–18

Friday June 14

Mazo X ORSA pop up coffee shop 10–18

I CON TEMP: June 6 – October 1


Invites reflection, encouraging visitors to observe and slow down while enjoying the inviting and comfortable surroundings. Visitors have the opportunity to unwind amidst busy design days by enjoying a cup of coffee and a snack at the Mazo x ORSA pop-up café. Alternatively, you can soak in the summer vibes with a glass of organic wine from Bio Wine, either in the sun outdoors at café tables or in the showroom, relaxing on the furniture featured in the exhibition.

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