NEW Spring Collection 2022


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FER - a new table series for the Livingroom, YUKI - a table lamp in glass and RAE - a sculptural mirror for the home - designed by new designers in the Mazo design family. 

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FER Table available in three sizes:
Ø45 - 
€ 540,- (ex.VAT) / DKK 4.995,- 
Ø80 - € 1.075,- (ex.VAT) / DKK 9.995,-
Ø100 - € 1.400,- (ex. VAT) / DKK 12.995,-


YUKI Lamp available in three colours:
Olive, White and Blue
€ 325,- (ex.VAT) / DKK 2.995,-


RAE Mirror available in three sizes:
Ø60 - 
€ 270,- (ex.VAT) / DKK 2.495,- 
Ø120 - € 1.075,- (ex.VAT) / DKK 9.995,-
Full body - € 540,- (ex. VAT) / DKK 4.995,- 

THE NEW MODERNIST is an interpretation of a home where classic designs are updated with a palette of rich and exclusive textiles and colours.


THE NEW MODERNIST is rooted in the past but anchored in the future. How do we imagine the home of THE NEW MODERNIST? What does THE NEW MODERNIST collect and surround themselves with to create a home? 


Being part of the mid-century design movement from the 1930s and forward has given directions to functionality, elegance, and simplicity which we see in our furniture design. THE NEW MODERNIST remembers where we come from but looks to the future and places Mazo in a modern and honest reality. 


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Signe Hytte
Jessica Vedel

Signe Hytte designer of YUKI lamp and
Jessica Vedel is behind our new RAE mirror collection.

Signe Hytte

Jessica Vedel

The art of collecting something iconic and inspirational has always been part of Mazo's heritage. We see a home – as well as furniture – as a piece of art. A framework to create a personal and ever-changing canvas. 

202221406_MAZO_03_03_76888 1.jpg

Photos by Karen Rosetzsky. Styling by Nathalie Schwer & Mille Collin Flaherty.

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