KYO Vase Collection

KYO was designed in 1962, by Snorre Læssøe Stephensen, one of the forefathers of the Danish ceramic tradition. The collection carries traces of both Scandinavia and Japan. 

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KYO vases prices from 455 SEK 

Even though KYO was drawn decades ago, it corresponds perfectly with our take on form, function, and craft. The shapes are clean and without superfluous elements. Functionality and simplicity define these products - they are modest and have an almost stern expression, yet with a delicate touch. 

One of the techniques Snorre Læssøe Stephensen uses, and which only a few masters at home, is the casting of ceramics in home-made plaster molds: It starts with a prototype of a design in Snorres own workshop in Denmark, that is casted in plaster and then turned into a form, which ensures that the prototype can be replicated. 

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Even though he spent 4 years in Japan, he still sees his childhood as the beginning of his fascination with the Japanese approach: “I remember having a lathe and an oven installed in the basement while I was still living at home. Down there I would create models alongside my father (Magnus Læssøe Stephensen), constantly refining the shapes” remembers Snorre Læssøe Stephensen. 

KYO Vase
KYO Vases

Japanese arts and craft have an obvious functionality but can also just add something more. In Japan, you work a lot with the complete – it's something you strive, but according to Snorre he believes though in the joy of having a beautiful thing that is part of an everyday situation.  
Our KYO series is produced in a family-owned workshop in the Fujian Province renowned for its ancient ceramic traditions and manufacturing. 

Meet mazo:
Magnus Sangild, Magnus Stephensen & Louise Buus


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