Column Dining table

BUNN Studio, 2018

The clue to the COLUMN table is the kernel, cut into in threads, so that one can adjust the height with a single spin. A feature that is obviously functional, but also adds a swinging sophistication to the simple side table. BUNN found the inspiration when they came across Magnus Læssøe Stephensen’s desktop chair, which had this very feature. By transforming the frame from the chair to a table frame, BUNN paid tribute to a traditional technical feature by transforming it into an object of sculptural beauty.

Technical details:

Design: Bunn Studio

Year: 2018

Technical details:

Beech wood

Linoleum top (Smokey Blue)

test billede.png

BUNN Studio

BUNN studio black&white.jpg

It is important to BUNN that one can recognize something in their design: A move, an atmosphere, a tradition, a memory. A bit of themselves. And for their own part, though incarnated international and based in New York, they recognize their own Scandinavian design upbringing in their perfectionistic approach to material, detail and quality.

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