Jennifer Shorto X Mazo

A joint passion for design and texture

We invite you to join our exhibition during 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen 16-18.09.21, at Frederiksgade 1, Copenhagen K. This year we will focus on our new collab with british based textile designer Jennifer Shorto.
Even if you are not able to join the event we invite you to study and explore more here and on Jennifer Shorto's website

Discovering the world of Jennifer Shorto -

We were immediately intrigued by Jennifer Shorto’s unique flair for beautiful textiles and fabrics and her lively approach to design.

The Fabrics – Silks, Cottons And Linens – Are Woven In The UK And Printed In France And Italy.

Jennifer Shorto founded her eponymous fabric and wallpaper company in 2013. Her designs are informed by a long-standing passion for textile history, as well as a peripatetic life: french-american by birth, she has lived at various points in Brazil, Mexico, Paris, Brussels and London, where her studio is now based.
For her fabrics Jennifer draws inspiration from her own extensive collection of antique textiles, ranging from 17th Century French Brocade To strip-woven cloths from West Africa. Bringing References from Handmade Textile Traditions into Contemporary Prints and Weaves, She Hopes to Play a Role In Keeping Such Traditions And Their Spirit Alive.


Selected fabrics and the story behind

Kumo Cloud


“Kumo Cloud is based on an antique Japanese document which was originally with silver threaded clouds. It is woven for me in England in an old silk mill from the 18th century.”
- Jennifer Shorto

Purple Haze


“This print is part of the African Collection, which was inspired by a group of undocumented textiles from the north of Ivory Coast. Their graphic and rhythmic mood brought to my mind a vision of Mondrian arriving in New York and hearing Boogie-Woogie music for the first time”
- Jennifer Shorto



“A challenging textile that took over a year to make. Kongaline is a remake of the Congolese Kubas and I consider all these raffias like masterpieces and I always wondered if I could rise to the challenge and make one too! It is woven for me in England in an old silk mill from the 18th century.”
- Jennifer Shorto

Midnight mademoiselle


“Midnight Mademoiselle was made for a museum piece by Josef Hoffman. All along I was thinking of the Stocklet Palace in Brussels, the Viennese Secession masterpiece. Adolphe Stocklet also collected African Art so I felt we were of the same mind.”
- Jennifer Shorto


Orange leaves


TMBO Lounge Chair in Seafoam Ocean


ARCH in Kongaline

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